Vickerman Street, Port Nelson, New Zealand
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Declumpers & Vessels

Seeding, Grading,
Walkie Wheels & Winches

Factory Processing Equipment

Seeding, Grading, Walkie Wheels and Winches


We make seeders and seeding wheels to the customer's preference, from 1/2 a tonne to 1 1/2 tonne hoppers.

We make the standard belt seeder, the rotary seeder with rope counter.


Graders are fully adjustable from 8 - 30mm,
15 tonne per hour.

We build all sizes of graders to suit the customer.

Size and configurations.

Walkie Wheels

We make all sorts of walkie wheels and star wheels.

We make wheels for vessels from 40 to 100 feet.

Winches and Gantries

We make all Gantries, Booms, Winches and Drums in house.

The new Winches are 50 pound lighter than the existing winches that we have been using.