Vickerman Street, Port Nelson, New Zealand
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Declumpers & Vessels

Seeding, Grading,
Walkie Wheels & Winches

Factory Processing Equipment

HarMag is Marine & General's range of mussel equipment. We offer a total package with custom design and build based on 30 years of ongoing development. Full inhouse facilities enable us to meet every need to adapt to different farming methods. With harvesting capacities up to 45 tonnes/hour and grading up to 15T/hr, HarMag offers top value for money.


The range includes:
Harvesting declumpers
Spat declumpers
Spat seeders
Seeding out wheels w/ length counter
Star & walkie wheels
Lifting gantries
Winches for crop lines
Heavy lift winches
Crop rope haulers
Rope washers
Crop rope reconditioners
Revolving bucket
Bagging conveyors
Rope winders
Various strippers
Various lifting booms with winches
Lifting hooks
Filtration plants
Size graders fixed and variable
Marker buoys