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Mussel Products

Declumpers & Vessels

We have declumpers that range from 4 to 45 tonne p/h, with conveyers and bagging systems to handle the tonnage. The declumpers have various ways of stripping, as well.

Vessels consist of catamaran and monohull harvesters.

Seeding, Grading,
Walkie Wheels & Winches

Seeders and seeding wheels are made to the customer's preference. We make standard belt seeders and rotary seeders with rope counters.

Graders are fully adjustable, and are custom built for specific sizes and configurations.

Walkie wheels and star wheels are made for vessels from 40 to 100 feet.

Winches, gantries, booms and drums are made in house. Our new winches are 50 pounds lighter than the previously-used winches.

Factory Processing Equipment

Graders are fully adjustable from 8 to 30mm, and are built to suit the customer's needs.

Conveyer systems are fully fabricated and installed by us, with full maintenace given. Chute, transistions, hydraulic systems and full design are available.

We have an Evrika® Rotary De-byussing machine that can do 2 tonne p/h, with low maintenance.